Please email me at to contact me directly. You will receive an auto-response immediately after sending me an email. This auto-response will request any information I may need when inquiring about a tattoo. If there is anything you left out, please respond with the appropriate information. Answers about pricing, availability, and other specifics can be found in the FAQ section of this site.

Due to an appreciated, severe overflow of emails, the amount of time it may take me to respond to an email is indeterminable. To better my response time, I am ONLY responding to projects I am willing to take on at this time.

Every piece I do is completely custom, hand drawn, and (unless stated otherwise) will only be tattooed once. I have a $150 minimum and deposits are required on all appointments.

Keyword tattoos and one-off concepts take overall priority at this time. A list of concepts I am interested in and a description of how keyword tattoos work can be found HERE. One-off drawings are posted on my INSTAGRAM and will have a description in the caption.

Please list the following information when inquiring about a tattoo:

  • Subject matter, composition, etc.
  • Placement on body 
  • Desired size (estimate in inches)
  • Availability or dates you are looking to get tattooed
  • Budget

Thank you for your inquiry!